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Graffiti Technica is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3d graffiti. The graffiti designs and lettering on this site are completely digital as I want to explore new ways of creating pieces. Contact: info (at)

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Old Designs:

3d graffiti technica sketch 60 orange
Sketch 60- Orange

3d graffiti sketch 61
Sketch 61

3d animated graffiti - Sketch 55 from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

3d graffiti animated - sketch 43 from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

"Sunday Rain" Pete Christie

3d animated graffiti - sketch 37 from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.


3d graffiti - Night from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

3d graffiti sketch 15 flowers
3d graffiti sketch 15

3d graffiti sketch 45
3d graffiti sketch 45

3d graffiti technica sketch 52

3d graffiti technica melbourne street art
Graffiti in the Melbourne Muesum

3d graffiti technica melbourne street art
Graffiti in the Melbourne Muesum

3d graffiti technica melbourne street art
Recent trip to Melbourne, Australia

redbull wallpaper graffiti technica
Red bull graffiti

3d graffiti brisbane city
Sketch 50 - Brisbane

3d graffiti chermside shopping centre

3d graffiti brisbane ferris wheeel

3d graffiti sketch 28 brisbane

3d graffiti sketches
Added a new section for sketches

3d graffiti - Sketch 07 from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

3d graffiti - sketch 03 from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo..

3d graffiti Julien Breton calligraphy
Collaboration with Julien Breton

3d graffiti sketch 09
3d graffiti - Sketch 09

3d graffiti sketch 07
3d graffiti - sketch 07

3d graffiti sketch 06
3d graffiti - sketch 06

3d graffiti sketch 03
3d graffiti - Sketch 01

3d graffiti style black

3d graffiti style lights



Killerbits plane upgrade

3d graffiti killerbits plane sunset

3d graffiti sculpture 02 - Stream

3d graffiti sculpture stream 01

3d graffiti sculputre stream 02

3d graffiti sculpture stream 03

graffiti tshirt
'Destroy tshirts now sold out.

3d graffiti stereo
3d graffiti design - ' after 4th work in the calligraphy series


3d graffiti stereo
3d graffiti - 'Stereo. 3rd work using calligraphy style mixed with graff design


Design of 3d graffiti for russian beer commercial

3d graffiti russian beer commerical

3d graffiti russian beer commercial

Post production by postmodern:

post modern

3d graffiti breath
3d Graffiti - Breath. Second work in new style follows on from 'Life.


3d graffiti lettering sculpture

3d graffiti sculpture

3d graffiti sculpture

3d print of graffiti

3d print rapid prototyping

3d printing rapid prototyping 3d graffiti
First printout of my 3d graffiti designs as a real world object. Used a machine for rapid prototyping. The object was created by successive layers of material over 17 hours of printing. Printing from a .STL file exported from one of my graffiti designs.

3d graffiti sculpture radeon
Sculpture of my 3d graffiti work 'Radeon -

graffiti sculpture
Radeon sculpture close up

3d graffiti sculpture
Materials testing for graffiti sculpture

3d graffiti technica life
'Life - inspired by old wold lettering


3d graffiti raid
Raid - inspired by Egyption art and cubist styles.

3d graffiti panic


3d graffiti repeat
'Repeat - using apple textures and water.

3d graffiti district 9
Inspired by district 9 weapons

3d graffiti ironlak paint
Ironlak paint inspired 3d graffiti



3d graffiti technica error
3d graffiti - Error

3d graffiti pulse

3d graffiti delted

3d graffiti thermal


OCAU wallpaper overclocking
- Overclockers Australia. Based on original logo. Two lines of balance in this work the angles that the o creates and the last part of the u twist to form a shape that could wrap around the Australia map. And obviously the diagonal line of the wires and the circle thing.. Very happy wtih the balance of this work - chaotic but balanced.

3d graffiti killerbits
- using a traditional style of graffiti with a modern vibe.

3d graffiti technica prime black metal
Prime - 3d graffiti based on a few shapes.

3d graffiti technica images

3d graffiti relentless
Relentless. Based on a water drill

Tracked one of my old designs 'Free into a space outside the Brisbane Art Gallery

Razer wallpaper
Razer wallpaper - I love their gaming mice.

3d graffiti technica corsair wallpaper overclocking
Corsair Wallpaper

3d graffiti overclocking wallpaper gigabyte
6th work - Gigabyte wallpaper. Think I used to own one of these motherboards once.

3d graffiti evga
5th work in overclocking series. Wallpaper Evga

3d graffiti wallpaper extend
Extend -

nvidia overclocking wallpaper
Nvidia -
fourth work in the overclocking series

AMD Phenom wallpaper
- AMD series of CPU's. Third work in my overclocking series.

ati radeon 3d graphics wallpaper
Ati Radeon
- Hardcore graffiti based on the popular line of graphics cards - second work in my overclocking series.

3d graffiti intel overclocking
Intel i7
- Series based on Intel chip and overclocking

3d graffiti technica deadline
Deadline -
So this one is again using a more complex style than my previous works.  It comes from a series that I have been working on trying to get a handle on wildstyle in 3d. 

3d graffiti terminate
- Another cold steel design.  This one was a deliberate attempt at working on my lettering and making something a lot more hardcore than previous works...

3d graffiti terminate warehouse

3d graffiti droid

3d graffiti creative
. Another work this one using a more wild style vibe.

3d graffiti creative brisbane
Creative in situ - Brisbane.


3d graffiti data
'Data - A work trying to use glass to emulate the patterns inside the lettering of old school graffiti. HD

Old motion test video for my fav work - 'glitch

3d graffiti - Glitch motion test from Graffiti Technica on Vimeo.

graffiti shirt destroy
Destroy - The whole concept behind this work was to create an object that was using water as it's core and have it distribute the water through the lettering. This design uses the same techniques as 'skeme and 'setup. I've also made a print of this shirt...

graffiti technica tshirts
2010 - Graffiti Technica will be realeasing a range of clothes.

3d graffiti technica setup metal texture
'Setup - follows on from Skeme.

3d graffiti technica electro
Electro -
based on retro games, house music and of course electro.

3d graffiti technica skeme
Skeme - Mecha style

3d graffiti - metric 10
Metric 10 - new work using a new style.


3d graffiti adapt white reflections
Adapt - Another white design - trying to get into a bolder design style and but more emphasis on shape and form rather than lettering

3d graffiti frantic white all is full of love
- This work follows on from 'serve  - which was inspired by bjorks film "all is full of love". 

3d graffiti remain brisbane art gallery
- Another work outside the art gallery in Brisbane. All these photos were taken around the same time so I have a collection of works that I want to do in public spaces around Brisbane.

3d graffiti poster technica
3d graffiti - Technica as 3 a1 posters. Commisioned work based around highend speaker design.

3d graffiti brisbane museum
Dreams - 3d graffiti inspired by the game design of "mirrors edge". As soon as I saw the style of that game I went out and bought it - just beautiful. This is outside the Brisbane Museum and art gallery a wide open concrete space for people to hang around in.


3d graffiti network brisbane westend
Network- Industrial design inspired by factories and industrial plants at West End in Brisbane. No parking!

3d graffiti story bridge brisbane
Dither - Writing in light graffiti design. This design is obviously taking inspiration from light writing. The photo is of the Story Bridge in Brisbane.

3d graffiti brisbane city council
'Digital - Brisbane City Hall. Wanted to contrast the old building with something new and digital.

graffiti Kurilpa_Bridge_Brisbane'Flow - Kurilpa Bridge Brisbane.

3d graffiti razer west end brisbane
'Razer - Another spot in west end, Brisbane. HD version in downloads.

3d graffiti photek brisbane GOMA
'Photek - Using the side of the State library in Brisbane next to the Gallery of modern art. HD version in downloads.

3d graffiti brisbane square

'Symptoms-02 -Latest work that follows on from Phoenix-01. Did the original design while waiting for a train.I wasn't happy with the first composite work (photoshop crashed and lost the PSD) so this is the second attempt. The photo is of the sculptures in Reddacliff Place in Brisbane Square by Donna Marcus (steam). I really these futuristic things stuck right in the middle of the city.

3d graffiti gallery of modern art brisbane

3d graffiti phoenix maroochydore
'Phoenix-01 - I wanted to do a very minimal design with this one and just plonk it in a nice normal environment. Would love a HD video camera so that I could actually track this design into moving vision. Photo is of Maroochydore on the sunshine coast (Australia).

3d graffiti brisbane art gallery

'Noise dae - A work that is trying to get away from making serious dark graffiti designs all the time.  I had the idea that this would be like a kids art thing where kids would be able to throw paint at this work.  The building is the side of the Art gallery in Brisbane so it would be a perfect spot. 

3d graffiti peace brisbane roma street

Peace - Brisbane, under tunnel near Roma Street parklands. Energy, Energy, ENERGY.Took this photo especially for this work I wanted to get the graffiti design plugged into the railway electricity grid and look as if it is drawing power from the system. Graffiti seems to have a long heritage with the railways from early designs bombed on the side of trains to tags all over the stations. The actual location is perfect to composite with as it has the stone walls but also looks up into the train lines.

3d graffiti metra 02 brisbane organic graffiti

Metra II - This was an idea that I had from when I first started the site. I wanted to create a graffiti design that was organic and soft. So many times I have looked at vines and leafs and seen the angles that are similar to graffiti angles for lettering. Very hard to explain to someone that a vine looks like graffiti.

3d graffiti glitch west end brisbane

'Glitch - This has to be one of my favorite designs so far, the photo comes from West End in Brisbane and is actually a rather boring shot of a factory. What I liked about this space was the two levels of the car park and the upper level, I thought it would be perfect to have the word slinking up and over the fence. This is also one of the first works that I have tried to get the spattered paint look - seems to work really well and gives the text a lot of movement. Looks evil as well.

3d graffiti metra brisbane

'Metra - This was inspired by a very old Russian television commercial for a fashion brand. In the ad they had this giant white mecha robot ascending from a perfect field into a blue sky. What made it work was the contrast between the organic grass and the hard lines of the robotic design.

3d graffiti brisbane art gallery

Metra - Art gallery Brisbane. Another space that was perfect for 3d graff design.. It is the intersection between 3 walls and looks up into the sky. The walls themselves are a beautiful rough concrete.

3d graffiti free brisbane city

'Free - Another composite that I have been thinking about for ages now. I had the idea that graffiti is always viewed in a scale that is always roughly human size and is always on a wall. I wanted to break both those rules with this one and make something totally different. The building in the background is the Mincom building on the corner of Turbot St and Edward St in Brisbane, this has big red chunks of color on it which seemed to match the yellow in the design.

3d graffiti free

3d graffiti metra

3d graffiti glitch

'glitch - yes I know it's hard to read. Listening to abstract experimental glitch music and this came out of my brain. Download full ver in downloads.

3d graffiti superficial

'superficial - A design have been thinking about doing for a long time now. Wanted to do some graff with red and yellow for some reason and this was the perfect design for it

3d graffiti halphkast

3d graffiti master
Read about this work

Really happy with this one - 'master. I want to start to explore my lettering more and get away from traditional styles of graffiti design.

3d graffiti heal

3d graffiti remove

street graffiti
'remove - I have been really interested in researching graffiti lately after being ask a few questions about how I do my work. Everytime I was looking for graffit topics 'removal' seemed to feature heavily. There is a whole industry of products based around graffiti removal and I wanted to create something based on that concept.

brisbane powerhous flood graffiti

Latest work "flood" inspired by a public art work at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Wanted to build a semi realistic 3d graffiti work and put it into a public space.  I see this bold use of color, form and scale around a lot now.


drown underwater
"Drown" - I have been thinking about this work for a long time now and finally got round to doing it. It was based on the graffiti piece "unleash" that I did ages ago. The concept is that this lettering is drowning so it is twisting and turning trying to get out.


- I've been seeing steampunk design everywhere lately and I love it! It actually reminds me of a lot of other futurist styles.

black wallpaper chrome 3d graffiti
Have finanally updated this work that I did ages ago for a skateboard competition. I wanted to do a liquid chrome feel to the text and really focus on getting the lettering the way I wanted. I really like using a limited colors in my work now. HD version in wallpaper downloads section.

3d graffiti mecha white

3d graffiti peace

Promotional piece:
3d graffiti technica
And so here we go
- the first hardcore composite graffiti design of 2009, may there be many more.

motorcycle graffiti design
Graffiti based on motorcycle design

3d graffiti noise
Latest work noise dae


australian dj forums
Graffiti work for Australian DJ forums. Really happy with this work. I wanted to get a lot more color into it than my other stuff. Graffiti seems to go so well with the promotion of music styles - obviously it started out being associated with hip hop and rap however I am a big fan of having evil drum n bass on while designing. The energy of the music seems to suit the style of design.

Also tried to get some more technology into this work as along the way I have moved away from my original idea of combining technology and graffiti together to form something different than traditional graff.

Download the HD in downloads section.

3d graffiti
Hardcore version of kranky digital

kranky digital online radio

Kranky Digital online internet radio -This is my favorite Drum n Bass online radio channel. Lots of evil breaks and tasty drum n bass. Download the high res wallpaper and be sure to tune in.

Eva graffiti

Eva - I wanted to do a piece using the same shape of geometry repeated. In this case the lettering style for the E is essentially the same shape for the V and A - it makes for a nice balanced work. This work was inspired partly by the design of Eve in Wall-e. It's interesting that people are aware of the design style of white/raytraced as a way of indicating futurism. Maybe this is thanks to Mac design in mainstream culture? Either way it seems the future of technology design is to cover up the workings in reflective surfaces and have the intelligence of the system as the selling point.


At long last - a 3d graffiti piece in a scrollable panorama! I've wanted to do this for a long time now - i've never seen it done before and graffiti is perfect for it. Considering that most of the time graffiti is flat 2d painted on walls I want to explore all different ways of using technology to display my work. I'd love to make this interactive somehow and have it projected so that people could control the movements or even control what happens inside the vision.

complex 3d graffiti compositied

Just a simple composite you can download the hd wallpaper. Driving past these houses I thought it would be cool to add a massive piece to the top of the building. I think if this ever happened in real life people would freak out - the angles of graffiti aren't accepted in society. The community would find it disturbing and not tolerate it

minimalism 3d graffiti

Minimalism - Want to amp up the style and start making my work move. Everyone has seen the basic 3d style but it’s hard to find graffiti that’s animated.

complex graffiti

Complex graffiti - This art is the start of many more complex pieces. I don't just want to repeat the style that is already out there but bring something new that only 3d in machines can bring. In this work I wanted just to be able to get the arrow lines to bend around the lettering so it truly is a 3d object rather than a 2d extrusion. Added to the download section at HD res.

BNE graffiti 3d brisbane

BNE - It's about time for some environments. Nature and graffiti a perfect match.

bas 3d graffiti

"bas" added a full HD render to the downloads section. A piece exploring z-depth within the lettering like the cross bar in the "a" comming out in space. One of my favourite works.

space 3d graffiti

Space - Another work trying to get a sense of movement and atmosphere rather than just a static image. I was inspired by some lame tagging on a public bridge that I saw, obviously kids who had no idea. At least learn your craft before costing the city money to paint over your abomination. Or hey, do it on a computer. Download high res image

unleash 3d graffiti

Unleash started off as an experimental work I wanted to get some real wildstyle going on with a sense of movement. If I am to use 3d instead of paint I want to push the boundaries of what the machines can do. I will be exploring partical based systems and fluid simulations after working on this piece.

01/07/08 Electron Microscope
frequency graffiti3d graffiti frequency
Electron Piece inspired by images taken with an electron microscope. I wanted to get a close up lens effect on these images showing that the lettering would be microscopic compared to cells.

Neon tag

neon 3d graffiti

neon graffiti 3d

Tests for light tag "neon". Takes a long time to render as it has global illumination, depth of field and motion blur. Each point of light is emitting photons into the scene. Uploaded HD renders and test render:

Download video:
quicktime icon
Quicktime h.264
1280 x 720 (5.3meg)

I will come back to this and make the text write on, the original idea was to have the floor crack as it got the the base of the "e".

"Freq" graffiti Frequency

frequency graffiti3d graffiti frequency

Started out as a tribute to the Nagra 4.2 professional audio tape recorder - was inspired by the vector lines and VU meters on the front however ended up as a sort of anime 3d mecha robot graffiti work from hell. Hard angular lines!

Cat5 Graffiti tag

cat5 graffiti smgraffiti cat5

CAT-5 "The revolution will not be televised". It will be on torrent
Inspired by the endless amounts of CAT-5 cable. wiki. This work was about bending the lines enough in z-space so that it looked like tagging. I really like the idea of using technology as the next wave for graffiti - the internet has had such a role in spreading styles/ideas and allowing artists to connect and collaborate. It seems only fitting that people use the technology to advanced the medium. Projects like taggedinmotion are not only on the fringe of graffiti but on the fringe of technology - I love it.

Hanimex E300

Hanimex 3d graffiti small3d graffiti hanimex

Hanimex E300 - old super8 movie editor for 8mm film
Recently finished an experimental film - Displaced Threshold - using super8. Nothing beats retro equipment for practical design, I wanted to create a piece using an old editor for film this bit of gear actually requires you to hand crank the film through the rollers projecting it on a tiny sceen. I've been following projection bombing - this retro gear is where projection started.

Atari 2600 graffiti

atari graffitiatari graffiti

Atari 2600 Graffiti - the console that inspired so many. You could argue that these early gamming consoles heralded the age of consumer based electronics on a mass scale. Along with TV these were the pioneers in electronics allowing people to bring what was clunky upright gamming units into their home. Great site about the Magnavox odyssey how awesome - pong! This was truly one of the first.

Construct graffiti

3d graffiti construction3d graffiti construction

Construct - If you don't like heavy earth moving equipment there is something wrong with you. These machines are graffiti magnets the orange/yellow color makes a nice background I guess however i am more inspired by the machines and their functional and technical design.

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3d curve
"curve" wallpaper didn't make it was too pink in downloads